Steven R. Heard
18968 Carillo Court
Sonoma, CA 95476
707-935-6361 (Home)  954-798-7930 (Mobile)

Over thirty years developing software and managing projects for embedded systems, real-time process control, web based applications and consumer product user interfaces.


Oklahoma State University, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science
High School Valedictorian


Lear Corporation, Southfield, MI - March, 2015 to April 2019
Senior Engineer developing embedded software for vehicular control modules.  C, C++ and Java code run on Automotive Grade Linux platform and communicate via CAN, Ethernet and PLC protocols.

Independent Consultant, Sonoma, CA and Lighthouse Point, FL - March, 2007 to March, 2015
Designed and developed internet applications for numerous clients.  Worked with businesses to define their requirements, propose web based solutions, design / code / test applications, track / resolve change requests and port delivered applications to customers’ servers.  PHP, HTML, SQL, C++, JavaScript and Java code run on Linux / Apache servers using MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Motorola, Plantation, FL - October, 1991 to January, 1994 (contract) and May, 1999 to March, 2007 (direct)
Principal Staff Engineer responsible for architecture, design and development of user interaction services layer of cellular phone software.  This included editors, fonts, calendars and other UI elements to support multiple languages (including Japanese and Chinese) for both the products’ internal UI and data entry forms for internet browsers.  Performed much of this work overseas with engineers representing the target market.  C++ library provides API for embedded applications and supports WAP / WML / XML pages for the browser.

Aerotek and Technisource, Fort Lauderdale, FL – October, 1991 to March, 1999 (contract)
Contractor for the following clients:
• Motorola, Plantation, FL - See contract portion of Motorola job above.
• Allied Signal, Fort Lauderdale, FL - Developed graphical UI for diagnostic tools using C++ in a PC/Windows and VAX/VMS environment.  Set up a system to validate embedded Ada software for flat panel cockpit displays in an Intel Multi-Bus II and Sun/UNIX environment.
• Sensormatic, Boca Raton, FL - Developed, installed and supported security systems used at the 1996 Olympics.  Client/server applications written in C using Informix database run on RS/6000 AIX platform.
• Technisource Outsourcing, Fort Lauderdale, FL - Developed software tools to automate testing, certification and documentation of embedded software systems for mission critical applications in aviation, automotive and heavy equipment industries.  Created web based applications to allow engineers at multiple sites to coordinate their efforts.
• Siemens, Boca Raton, FL - Telecommunication networks contractor.  Developed software for control stations in fiber optic and hybrid fiber/copper communications networks.  UNIX C and Windows NT C++ applications manage access networks, perform file transfers and client/server functions on PC’s using Versant object oriented database.  Developed web based management system for digital loop carrier network using HTML, Java applets and CGI programs.

BLOC Development, Deerfield Beach, FL - June, 1990 to October, 1991 (direct)
Software Engineer in business forms automation.  Developed drivers for displaying and printing graphic images.  CAD system written in C runs on PC’s with interfaces to standard and proprietary peripheral devices.

MODCOMP, Fort Lauderdale, Fl - November, 1987 to January, 1990 (direct)
Project manager of compiler development effort.  Successfully ported C, FORTRAN and Pascal compilers to multiple computer architectures and MODCOMP’s proprietary real-time UNIX.

General Electric, Research Triangle Park, NC and Milpitas, CA  (direct)
Computer Scientist for physical design automation.  Developed interactive graphics software for layout of integrated circuits, wrote automatic placers and routers.  Promoted to Project Manager when transferred to California.

Tektronix CAE Systems Division, Austin, TX  (direct)
Software Engineer for design automation of gate arrays.  Developed new automatic place and route subsystems, made major enhancements to existing VLSI layout system.

IBM, Austin, TX  - 1980s (direct) and Boca Raton, FL – February, 2008 to December, 2010 (contract)
Senior Associate Engineer in printed circuit board plant.  Designed, developed and installed control systems for automated process lines, devised distributed processing system that resulted in major cost savings.  Developed embedded text to speech software for automotive GPS / audio products and user interfaces for WebSphere product line.